FORMEKA Multistation Thermoforming Machines (steel rule cutting machines) produce a wide variety of packaging types, e.g. disposable food containers, ready meal containers, , take away packing solutions (take away trays, take away food containers), hinged boxes, lids, burger boxes / cups,  salad cups, egg cups, fruit & vegetable cups, and much more.

FORMEKA Multistation Thermoforming Machines

Since its establishment, our company has taken the engineering approach to a different dimension for the solution of problems with its customers and transformed ideas from ideas into tangible projects.


FORMEKA Multistation Thermoforming Machines (steel rule cutting machines) ;

  • 4 station Automatic PET plastic packaging tray container thermoforming machine
  • Automatic cups/boxes/plates/containers Plastic Thermoforming machine
  • Plastic fruit vegetable box crate container making injection machine
  • plastic foam tableware machine for fast food
  • disposable plastic food packing container thermoforming machine
  • disposable-plastic-food packing-thermoforming-machines
  • Plastic Container Machine
  • Plastic Container Making Machine
  • Plastic processing thermoform Machines
  • Plastic packaging production
  • Food Container Making Machine
  • Disposable Plastic Food Container Machine
  • Disposablefoodcontainermachine
  • take away food container making machine
  • machines for making plastic containers
  • plastic food container making machine
  • disposable food box making machine
  • Disposable food containers
  • Rimming Machine
  • Thermoforming Machines for disposable food containers
  • Thermoforming Machines for disposable food lids
  • Thermoforming Machines for disposable food plates
  • Thermoforming systems specialists in turkey
  • Thin-wall Plastic Molding Machine
  • Sustainable Packaging Solutions
  • Fast food packaging machine
  • Salad Bowls making machine
  • Sushi packaging machine
  • Moisture -absorbing pads
  • sealable trays manufacturing machine
  • Transparent plastic packaging making machine
  • cake packaging machine
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